The more mundane things in life are often my favorite things in life.  For instance, I like road signs.  Yes, you heard correctly, I like road signs.  In fact, I enjoy observing and understanding road signs.  It is one of my past times, kind of like a hobby.  Does that sound strange?  Well, my hobby often teaches a lot about a culture and the people in a particular geographical location.

Elephant CrossingEverywhere we travel there are road signs.  Signs that inform, instruct, and even warn. Some road signs catch our attention (such as the the one to the right – none of us would want to run into an elephant).  Others road signs do not catch our attention and we pass them by never actually noticing what they say or what they are telling us.

Road signs are a type of communication channel.  A way in which one party seeks to communicate with another party.  What do the road signs in your place of residence tell about the culture and the people?

In general, I have often wondered about the road signs from God.  I’ve also asked, “Have I noticed or am I paying attention to these road signs?”

God places road signs along our Christian journey.  How do we recognize those signs?