I am wondering what I should and can do when I retire … a few that I read other retirees do include … explore the world … or take up learning a musical instrument. Well, I am not doing those two but one thing I know is none of us are very good at retiring.

To pass my time and reflect upon retirement, I made a possible things I might consider …

  1. Make a bucket list but I don’t have a bucket.
  2. Look for fitness opportunities but that sounds like being in high school and college again.
  3. Establish a routine but I already have a routine of where I like to eat, what I like to eat, and who I like to hang out with.
  4. Explore the world … well, I did that for over 35 years and have been so blessed having those adventures.
  5. Take on a new hobby … a hobby sounds too serious and sticking with one hobby is not for me. I rather do one hobby one month then another one the next month and etc.
  6. Work part-time … I am seriously considering this one … but I have a tendency even when doing a simple task to invest entirely too much time on that task. Therefore, I am not sure about this one because I would probably be paid for part time but end up working full-time.
  7. Study your family’s ancestry … I have been studying people’s ancestry for over 40 years as that has been part of my job. So, I say no to this one.
  8. Declutter your home … why can’t someone else take on this task?
  9. Get in touch with nature. What does that mean? Walking in the woods with poison ivy around me. I don’t think this fits me.
  10. Redecorate your home. I am known for doing this all the time so this would not be new.

So, what have I settled upon, I plan to coach and mentor ethnic church planters … so I guess I can go back affirming , “You’re not very good at retiring?”

Yep … It is true … I love what God has called and gifted me to do … so I will “KEEP CALM AND CURRY ON”