Journeys in Culture

Encounters and Experiences with Culture and Ethnolinguistic People


BRYAN K. GALLOWAY’s first love in ministry is cross-cultural disciple-making among ethno-linguistic people. He shares how his faith in Jesus Christ with various ethno-linguistic cultures and peoples has informed his journey, whether that journey is in another country or right near him next door.

Bryan holds a Bachelor of Arts degree, a Master of Divinity degree and also a Doctorate in Cultural Anthropology.

After 26 years serving in Asia Pacific, as a church planter, missiologist, ethnographer, researcher, and author.

In the past 10 years plus, Bryan has painted a picture of diaspora people residing in the USA and Canada. You can visit that website at He also manages and offers online courses and resources at Diaspora Learning Online.

He prays and hopes that his long-term expertise informed with his walk of faith in Christ will encourage and inform present and future church planters, missiologists, ethnographers, researchers, and authors.

Over the years, he has written several books .. visit Bryan’s Amazon Author Page to view his publications.

Bryan offers coaching, consulting, and training on how to plant churches and minister among ethno-linguistic people now residing in the USA.

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