Mapping! Most people misunderstand and don’t realize the significance of mapping. Mapping paints a picture of what is and at the same time implies what is not.

Good mapping goes beyond just describing the physical features of a particular area. It, in a real sense, allows one to get a lay of the land in terms of the people in a specific locale and how those people cross one another paths in life.

Reasons We Should Map Our Communities . . .

1. For us, an important consideration behind map making will always be the ties between physical space and social relationships. In essence, mapping our communities reveals bridges between physical space and social relationships.

2. Mapping Your Community, in a sense, enables one to rise above the immediate range of vision and consider the features and relationships of larger areas, whether the view is obstructed by a natural jungle or a “concrete jungle.”

3. Narrows Down Areas Needing Further Mapping and Research.

4. Focuses Attention to Where and Who to Emphasize Resources

Even more important, mapping our locale helps us go beyond passing people by as we go about our daily responsibilities. In mapping we will not miss Unreached people, who possibly have no friends to share the message of hope through Jesus Christ.

The initiative seeks to discover Unreached Unengaged people groups now residing within the USA and Canada. Why not be a part of this initiative?

Go to and register, then go a step further and become an editor so that you can map the people groups in your locale.