So many promises!  While in route from one place to another, I glanced through the flight magazine and noticed the many advertistment promises from businesses, companies, and people.  A few of those included . . .

“Live where legends play.”

“Want to know where you stand in the bigger picture?”

“Get the royal treatment!”

“Twice as nice.”

“The essence of beauty.”

“Savor the finer things in life.”

“numerous awards and recognitions.”

“Savor the finer things in life.”

“It’s like steroids for your career.”

“Finally you can have it all.”

Promises are disguised in culture.  In other words, promises such as the one’s above are culture specific.  As such, they have different meanings dependent upon one’s cultural frame of reference.

For instance, the promise “Get the royal treatment” comes interpreted in the eyes of the receiver.  Royal treatment to one person may be average treatment while to another person it may mean treatment for only a servant. 

Promises are only as good as they are able meet the receiver’s expectations.  Miscommunication and misunderstanding occurs when one party promises something that does not meet the expectation of the other cultural party.  It appears that businesses, companies, and people should spell out the details of their promises.  Why don’t they spell out the details?