Journeys in Culture

Encounters and Experiences with Culture and People


Are you about to work with people who speak another language other than what you speak, or someone from another nation or culture other than your own?

Then make the encounter productive and learn some inter-cultural communication skills by attending a cross-cultural training.

Cross-cultural training helps you know how to live and work cross-culturally, whether that is by moving to a new country, or working in a multi-cultural or multi-lingual environment in your local.   It will help prepare you to live and work with people who have different cultural values and attitudes.

In every case, my inter-cultural communication training is custom designed to meet each person, family or work group’s needs and pre-existing skills.

Your personalized training program can cover one or more of the following topics:

  • Writing a People Profile
  • Etiquette and Protocols for Greeting, Meeting, and Working with Another People
  • Cultural Values and their Influence on How to Relate to Another People
  • Intercultural Communication – Understanding Verbal and Non-Verbals when working with a people who speak another language and come from another nation.

The training will help you . . .

  • With the tools needed for the new adjustment.
  • Gain an understanding of cross-cultural differences.
  • Learn how cultural differences impact verbal and non-verbal communication channels and which ones are appropriate for your specific context.
  • Understand global business etiquette and protocol.
  • Discover how people in different cultures view each other.

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